Stainless Steel Mailbox

Has a piece of your mail ever mysteriously gone missing? How about important bills never arriving in your mailbox? I know I've lost plenty of mail in rain and snow storms due to a leaky mailbox. That is, until I got a mailbox that works!

Having a stainless steel mailbox is a great choice because it is so strong and resistant to so many hazards. Where regular mailboxes can leak and even break during heavy wind, rain and snow storms, stainless steel will stand strong against natural and human elements.

Security is another great reason to consider buying a stainless steel mailbox. I bet your regular mailbox doesn't have a lock on it, right? You might think you don't need a lock on your mailbox, but very important and personal documents sit in there every single day. And mail theft is actually more common than mailbox vandalism.

And it just takes one person to take it and use that information for malicious purposes. Most stainless steel mailboxes have some type of lock that allows mail to go in, but not out (until you unlock and open it). After all, you wouldn't leave your most important financial documents in an open shoe box by the street, would you?

If a lock and key isn't something you want with your mailbox, you can have a vault-type mailbox installed, which requires a pin number to open and take the mail out.

They also make RFID mailbox security chips. You simply put a little chip on your key chain, and whenever you're in range of your mailbox, it will automatically unlock. It makes your life a lot easier and more secure.

You've probably heard about a friend or neighbor having his entire mailbox smashed to pieces by some kids on a joy ride. Maybe they've even destroyed yours before. Well, if you had a stainless steel mailbox, their joyride would come to a quick end in front of you house.

This material is so strong it is able to withstand cars, baseball bats, bricks, fireworks, big rocks and even accidental bumps from garbage trucks and snow plows. Just be careful you don't hit your mailbox with your own car, because your car will probably suffer more damage.

Personally, I love the way stainless steel looks and feels, so "style" would be on my list of why I love these things. It's also easy to engrave so I can, so I can engrave my address right onto my mailbox, instead of using an ugly sticker.

If you don't like how steel looks, you can easily find colored stainless steel mailboxes so you can find one that compliments your house. Or you can even get your mailbox customized and custom-installed. Not only would it be totally secure, it would look amazing.

If you prefer to have your mailbox hanging on or right next to your house, that's fine. If you want a "traditional" mailbox at the end of your driveway by the sidewalk, there are great steel mailboxes for that as well. It doesn't matter what style, color, shape or size!

After having mail stolen by neighborhood kids and losing mail and important bills during rain storms, I finally decided to upgrade to a stainless steel mailbox. I can't tell you how comforting it is knowing my mail is safe and secure until I am able to get it myself.